Wild Baby

by Aug 1, 20220 comments

Wild Baby is mostly about my 8-year-old daughter, CC.  She and I had been butting heads for a while and it felt like everything was an argument. She questioned every single thing I had to say.  I was sitting around thinking about how I could do better, things that I could change so that our relationship didn’t suffer, and we weren’t both just frustrated with each other.  Then I realized, her argumentativeness, and her strong will is going to kick some serious ass when she grows up.  She will be a leader, and she won’t take shit from anyone.  These are admirable qualities, not ones to try to squash.  Eventually, this tiny little bug is going to take up the space she was meant to; she’s going to do things HER way and do them with greatness…I can feel it.  I really hope this song inspires people to let their kids be who they are and let them crash into the person they are meant to be!

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