Feel Something

by Jun 29, 20220 comments

I talk about the fragility of life in this one.  Things just slip away when it’s their time to go.  And it feels so abrupt, and we might not be ready for it because we’ve just been waiting our whole lives for the perfect circumstances to magically fall into our lap so that we can do what we’ve always wanted to do.  All it takes is two seconds of clarity, two seconds of bravery, two single seconds, to decide to just go for it- and do what makes you feel joy and purpose.   Once you do it, you realize this is the high you’ve been chasing your whole life.  You realize THIS is where you’re meant to be.  After I wrote this song and posted it online, a friend of mine’s mom listened to it, and QUIT HER JOB!  I couldn’t believe it, she was so inspired by little ‘ol ME, that she realized now was the time to just jump.  And I am so proud of her and honored that my music had a positive impact on someone’s life.

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