The In Crowd

by Jun 27, 20220 comments

This song is about going to a party as an adult woman with autism.  Specific, but relatable not just to those on the spectrum, but people who have anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles.  I wanted to poke fun at myself a little bit because I am so confident in my neurodivergence that I try to take it lightly.  Some of my struggles are actually funny, and I can admit that.  Forgetting my name or stumbling over saying hello to someone sucks in the moment but is silly when you think about it afterwards.  It is uncomfortable and sad sometimes to feel like an outsider and like you want to insert yourself into the fun people are having together but you don’t know how.  But the upside to that is knowing that you are uniquely you.  Not being part of the in crowd is something I’m actually proud of.  I don’t want to be like anyone else.  I want to be me.

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