Nothing To Prove

by Jun 27, 20220 comments

This song creeps into the dark places my mind goes sometimes.  I have a lot going on as a stay-at-home mother of 4, 4 adult children, several businesses we’re trying to run, my autism, and my music.  Sometimes I feel like I suck at all of it.  That I’m just wandering around aimlessly with no purpose and nothing to prove.  “I’ll just be a blob on the couch for the rest of my life” sort of mentality.  And then I wrap in the insecurities from society and various people in my life that I have let live inside my mind for decades:  You’re not good enough.  She’s prettier.  Be better.  You won’t make it that far. And the last bit of importance is what the line that says “we fill ourselves with anxiety and I’m the one slowly killing me” means.  To me, I’m trying to take responsibility for letting all this negative energy take over who I am.  In other songs, I step up and realize I can pull myself out of the funk.  But this one, I just let myself sit in the pain for a while so that I could move through it.  This one was a therapy song.

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